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The Tolland Public Schools recognize the importance of school volunteers at all levels of schooling.  Volunteers can enhance collaboration between the school and community, broaden the school’s educational environment and ultimately enrich students’ school experience.  The TPS further acknowledges that it may, from time to time, be asked to provide learning experiences for student interns within the school environments. In recognition of the benefit of having volunteers, interns and other such non-employees providing services within the schools, the TPS supports the involvement of these individuals in accordance with suitable regulations and safeguards.

Volunteers, interns and other such non-employees working within the schools (“volunteers”) must work under the supervision of Tolland Public Schools staff.  Volunteers are held to the same standards of conduct as school staff and must observe all Board of Education policies, including applicable policies on the confidentiality of student information. 

Volunteers are required to submit to state and federal criminal record checks.  No person who is required to register as a sex offender under state or federal law, or whose name is currently listed on the DCF registry, may volunteer in the Tolland Public Schools.

No employee of the Tolland Public Schools shall serve as a volunteer in any capacity except as may be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee through the submission of the Employee Request to Volunteer form .

Thank you for applying to be a TPS Volunteer, we deeply appreciate the offer of your time and energy.

Please complete the following forms to apply and call the school to let them know you have done so. We encourage you to contact the school system (specifically, the school in which you wish to volunteer) after seven working days to inquire about the status of your application.





Please Read Carefully Before Authorization


In considering you for employment, Tolland Public Schools (“the Company”) will request and rely upon a one or more consumer reports about you that we obtain from a consumer reporting agency, such as IntelliCorp Records, Inc.

IntelliCorp Records, Inc. can be contacted by mail at 3000 Auburn Dr, Suite 410; Beachwood, OH 44122; or phone: 1-888-946-8355; or website:

For explanation purposes:

  • a consumer “report” is a written, oral or other communication of any information by a consumer reporting agency bearing on your background which is used or expected to be used or collected in whole or in part for the purpose of serving as a factor in making an employment-related decision about you.  Such information may include, for example, criminal history reports, searching the sex offender registry and social security administration records.

You are entitled to additional disclosures regarding the nature and scope of the investigation requested information requested, as well as a written summary of your rights under the fair credit reporting act “FCRA”. Under the FCRA, before the Company can obtain a consumer report about you for employment purposes, we must have your written authorization.  Before we take adverse action on the basis, in whole or in part, of information in that report, you will be provided a copy of that report, the name, address, and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency, and a summary of your rights under the FCRA.


I have read and understand the foregoing Disclosure, and authorize Tolland Public Schools to obtain and rely upon consumer reports concerning me. By selecting the checkbox below, I authorize the Company to obtain any such reports and to share the information received with any person involved in their decision about me.

I also agree that this Disclosure and Authorization in original, faxed, photocopied, or electronic (including electronically signed) form will be valid for any consumer reports or investigative consumer reports that may be requested about me by or on behalf of the Company.  

<=By clicking here I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the above Authorization of Background Check

**<= I agree to contact the Superintendent's office at 860-870-6850 extension 1 to provide my Social Security number. Please note, applications will not be processed until the Social Security Number is received.

 Please continue to fill out the registration form below and click the SUBMIT button when finished.




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School(s) I would like to volunteer at (please check all that apply): 

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Please select a category of Volunteer:

SnowCorp - Volunteers are called to help clear snow from roofs and other areas in cases of emergency, or when snow loads become significant due to winter conditions. Although some pre-set dates will be established each season that can be identified significantly in advance, some calls for assistance will be on short notice as weather conditions are unpredictable

Building and Grounds - Volunteers for building and grounds help with "beautification" projects, helping with landscaping, spreading mulch, weeding, and/or internal school "clean up days" or activities. This can also include volunteer painting and/or maintenance days and projects were appropriate. Dates may be set in advance, but short term opportunities will be available as well.

Instructional Support - Volunteers for Instructional Support help teachers in the classroom. They are interested in the education process, specifically, they might have a skill set or strength in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts/Reading, or the Arts that could be utilized in the school system to directly help the education of children, mostly during the school day. Examples: helping with reading groups, helping in learning centers, arrange field trips, tell stories to children, assist in music or art, gathering materials for the teacher.

TutorCorp - Volunteers for the TutorCorp have a strength in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts/Reading, or the Arts and would be willing to offer their support after school hours for tutoring sessions for students in various school locations. Examples: Tutoring in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, Music, or Art.

Clerical Support - Volunteers for clerical support are willing to help with copying, processing of paperwork, and supporting in office tasks.  Examples: Helping with mailings, running copies, typing, contacting parents.

Field Trip Volunteer - Volunteers for field trips agree to work as chaperones on school organized field trips to various locations. These can include day trips, and/or overnight trips. 

Other - Please Specify: 

For Instructional, Tutoring, and Clerical Support we need to know what days of the week you are able to consistently offer your help. Please specify which days of the week below you are available, and for what hours. For instance: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM