Student Teacher and Intern Information

This page contains information regarding student teachers, interns, and observers in the Tolland Public Schools district.  The STIA Procedure can be accessed by clicking on the link labeled STIA Procedure, below.

If you are a student teacher or intern candidate, please complete the Student Teacher and Intern Observation Form by clicking on the link below.  Tolland Public School requires a background check before you enter our schools.  In addition, if you are required to be fingerprinted please print and complete the NCPA Waiver Consent Form and return  to Beth Bates via email at [email protected].  

The State Department of Education requires fingerprinting for any candidate in a preparation program leading to certification as a teacher, special service, etc., 30 days prior to starting their placement.  There are two ways to be fingerprinted:

1) Obtain a CHRI form from Beth Bates and then contact a RESC Center like EASTCONN OR CREC.
2) Obtain a packet through Tolland by contacting Kristina Perleoni at [email protected].   There is a fee for fingerprinting and then a processing fee of $11.25.

If you have any questions, please call Suzanne Waterhouse at 860-870-6850, extension 3, or email [email protected]

STIA Procedure

Student Teachers and Intern Observation Form

NCPA Waiver Consent Form