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 THS Music Department's Quarter 3 Concert  

TIS Math Week 

Birch Grove Primary Modular Opening Day!

One School - One Book - Encouraging reading in the Tolland Public Schools!


Grade 3 Vocal Concert!

The saying goes, "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs ." Students in Mr. Barlow's physics class at Tolland High School believe that you can't learn science without breaking a few eggs.

Staff Appreciation Day video!

STEM FEMs! - Getting more girls into Science Technology Engineering and Math!

SPIRE - Check out the TPS Phonics Program!

REFLEX MATH! A TPS Math Program!

 Pi Day! The TPS make math FUN!
A Culture of MUSIC in the Tolland Public Schools!

Math Haka @ TIS

TPS Business Academy

Tolland High School Madrigal Dinner

Introducing the Tolland Public Schools Fundations Program!
Getting a head start in Phonics!

BGP "adventure" backpacks for families!

BGP introduced to the DEWEY system!

Stock Market Project - TPS Business Program

TIS Honors Veterans

TPS Honors Veterans

DECA Rules! - DECA & Business Program @ THS

David E. Golden Discovery Center

Project Graduation

First Day at Birch Grove Primary School -2018

Tolland High School Graduation Live Stream Tonight (June 22) at 6:00 pm. 

TMS Career Fair!

 Middle School X-block!

March 14th Assembly – In Memory

March 14th Assembly – Student Voices – A Commitment to Change

March 14th Assembly – Anatomy of a student rally

TIS Door Decorating for Safety

Read Across America at Birch Grove

Students testing their “Space Landers”

 Two entrepreneurial Juniors! Graduates of our TMS-E program!