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Tolland is a member of the Eastern Connecticut Health Insurance Program    (ECHIP).  Please click here to the link to the ECHIP website.
Plan Detail Booklets

"Employer shall indemnify and hold Connecticut General Life Insurance Company from and against any losses or damages arising from or as a result of:
(i) any unauthorized alteration of the Documents by the Employer;
(ii) any unauthorized alteration of the Documents by any other Party as a consequence of Employer making the Documents available to its Employees on an Employer controlled electronic site, or
(iii) Employer failing to make updates to the Documents promptly after notified of updates by Connecticut General Life Insurance Company."

OAB5 Plan Details (Custodians/Paras/Secretaries)
HDHP/HSA $1500/$3000 Deductible Plan Details (Paraprofessionals Only)
OAB6 Plan Details (teachers traditional plan)
HDHP/HSA $2000/$4000 Deductible Plan Details 
Vision Plan Details
Dental Plan Details


High Deductible Health Plan Frequently Asked Questions