Tolland Early Readiness Advisory Council

TERAC serves as advisor to the Family Resource Center (FRC). We look at issues important to families in Tolland as they raise their children. We meet every other month for an hour. We plan and discuss updated information and make decisions about FRC programming and areas of community involvement.

The role of the advisory committee, as written in the grant, is tobuild broad-base support for the Family Resource Center, bring expertise and a variety of perspectives, create membership with a clear vision of long-range goals, help ensure that FRCs are providing programs to meet local needs, and give FRC administrators a network to reach out to other constituents. Membership must include families, director or staff of the local Birth to Three program, collaborating organizations, school personnel, i.e., principal and kindergarten teachers.

We would love new volunteers to sit on TERAC or to help with evening events and playgroups.  If you are interested please call or email Laurel Leibowitz:  870-6750 x 30215.

  TERAC Meeting Schedule:

We meet bi-monthly, 6:30-7:30 PM  in the Birch Grove Primary School Media Center. Please join us and bring a friend!

                                      (Reschedule date if needed)

September 28                                 October 5

(Main office conference room) 

November 9                                    November 13

January 17                                       January 29     

March 20                                         March 27 

May 23                                             May 30