Budget FAQ and Info Page
  Budget FAQs and Documents page

SECTION I: Budget FAQ Documents

FAQ Date Click on Date
Q and A Topics included
2017-3-23 Class size, Community visits regarding budget, Enrollment, Financial Planning, Per Pupil Expenditure, Magnets and Charters, Open Choice Program, Governor's Budgets, Special Education, Unfunded mandates
2017-8-2 Recommendations in response to the Town Manager's August 2, 2017 budget proposal
2017-8-2 Revised Budget Proposal BOE response
2017-8-15 Number of students who participated in athletics, Athletic Director compensation, purchasing, LEAP


SECTION II. Supporting Documents

Document Description
BOE Reduction Sheet through 9-25-2017

This document takes into account reductions up through the meetings of the Town Council and Board of Education on the week of 9/25/2017. 

Superintendent Budget Update and Reminder of TC/BOE Joint meeting

CLICK HERE to download a reminder of Town Council and Board of Education meeting and Superintendent statement on budget.

Superintendent Budget Update and Progression through 7-29-2017

A budget chronology and update with relevant information, links, and considerations.

Click here for Superintendent Information on Budget Impacts 

Potential Budget Impacts and running record of impacts throughout the budget season. This version (7-12) presented at the 7-12 BOE meeting @ the Tolland Public Library.

Other information was presented on long-term planning and is available on request. Header sheet of the overall objectives of 2017-2022 plan:
2017-2022 Overview of Plan & Objectives

TC and BOE Budget Events and Descriptions through March including %'s and BOE impacts 

Once the TC finalizes the Budget on March 30th, it is then moved on for the referendum vote, and presentations are made in April. The referendum vote is May 2nd.
 Class Size and Enrollment Considerations Information to consider regarding class size and enrollments 
BOE Letter to Legislators

BOE Letter to Appropriations
BOE letter to legislators and appropriations officers
 3-31-2017 Unfunded Mandate Statement (CAPSS) Please see this most recent unfunded mandate statement
Unfunded Mandates (CAPSS) Document from CT Association of Public School Superintendents on Unfunded Mandates
Unfunded Mandates   This is a broader list of Unfunded Mandates from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. Some are Town specific, some are education specific. 
Statement on Burden of Proof (CAPSS) Document from CT Association of Public School Superintendents on Burden of Proof requirements
 Tale of Two Tollands Presentation  Presentation provided to the Town Council at a 3-14-2017 joint meeting of the TC and the BOE
DRA study This was a study of building use and potential future action(s). The information is a little antiquated and enrollments are projected lower than actuals, but it provides a sense of information on building utilization and recommendations.
Enrollment Vs. Staff Reduction Chart  Chart of Enrollment vs. Staff Reductions 2006 - 2016
BOE Q and A document Prior to Adoption This was a document of Questions and Answers that came from the BOE Workshops and meetings prior to the adoption of the BOE budget.