Register Student Pre K

Tolland Public Schools

for Pre-K Students 

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration for children entering school for the 2019-2020 school year is now open.


Before proceeding, please read Tolland's Residency Procedures
by clicking HERE

1.  Download the following forms.

 Written Consent and Parent Permission for Connecticut School-Based Child Health

• Health Requirements for Tolland Schools‚Äč
• Health Assessment Record Part I
• Health Assessment Record Part II - Medical Evaluation
• Health Assessment Record Part III - Oral Health Assessment/Screening
• Immunization Record
• Birch Grove Authorization for Release of Requested Information
• Special Transportation Form (Special Ed Students Only)


2. Fill out forms, scan/image, and save in a location to retrieve later.  

    (For information about how to take a picture of registration documents 
    and upload them click this video HERE.)


3. Click the Registration Link HERE.

     • If you have not previously created an account, please click the “Create Account” button.

     • After providing all necessary information and creating a password, click on “Create
        Account” and proceed to the next screen. 

NOTE:  Please remember the email address and password that you used for your account, as you will need both in the future for any modifications.

     • Fill in the demographic information using the student’s full legal name.

     • Click “Next” at the bottom of each new screen.

     • You may continue to edit, upload docs, etc., logging out and back into   the site to do so
       until you hit the final “Submit” button as below.

NOTE:  Please be sure to upload all the required documents prior to clicking "Submit."

     • On the final screen, please verify your information and click “Submit.”


NOTE:  For ALL student registrations, please call the school directly at 860-870-6750 to schedule an appointment to complete your registration.